Custom Tours

Have you already done your research on Nicaragua and are now thinking it is time to see what it is really like?

The difficult part is finding a company that will tailor your trip to your wish list. At, we listen to your interests and send you an itinerary based on what you have expressed.

We realize that everyone has different ideas of what they like and want and so we build your tour based on what you tell us you want to see.

Some of the topics you will need to think about are:

  1. Are there mobility or health issues and how easy is it to get around?
  2. Are you interested in being in a larger city, smaller town or countryside, or is proximity to airport or hospitals important?
  3. Do you find a cooler mountain climate or warmer lowlands more appealing?
  4. How is your Spanish?
  5. What activities are you interested in and want to get involved in?
  6. How much time will you spend in Nicaragua each year and what is your annual budget?
  7. how flexible is your travel schedule?

Your options are to join a group of like-minded persons, or travel on your own private tour with us. It is less expensive to join a group of up to 8 people and travel in our MicroBus than it is to travel in our 4-door Toyota sedan, but the choice and itinerary is yours. Most people organize a group of friends and make an adventure out it!

Because tours all vary in length of time, level of hotel service and group dynamics, it is difficult to advertise a set price, but we can tell you that the average for a group of six is $150 per day per person and includes all transportation, guides, hotel rooms and meals.

Contact us through this website with questions and requests and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote for your Nicaragua Relocation tour.

Tour Nicaragua in our modern mini-bus with our knowledgeable bilingual guide

Custom Tours

Thinking of retiring to a warm climate where the cost of living is low but the style of living is high? Join us on one of our custom-designed Nicaragua tours and find out more about beautiful Nicaragua!

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Buy or Build
a Home

Once you have decided to live in Nicaragua, we will help you with the next steps. Whether you want to buy an existing home or build a new one, we can guide you in the right direction!

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Nicaragua is a wonderful country, but there are a lot of people who could really use your help. There are so many worthwhile projects - from schools, to orphanages, to town water projects...

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What you
Need to Know

Find out more :
Laws for Retirees
What to Expect
Getting Here

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