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Our Construction Company

Monteith Construction Services Ltd is a Canadian home builder who is also registered in Nicaragua. Because of our experience in Nicaragua, and the fact that we believe this country is one of the most attractive places to retire, we are now offering a variety of services to American and Canadian clients who wish to relocate to Nicaragua. We are also happy to help any client from any location around the world.

We are affiliated with OK Solar Homes, a Canadian-based family-run business which specializes in energy efficient building construction and renewable energy systems, so we would be happy to build a wonderfully designed solar home for you in Nicaragua.

Rob Monteith, President of Monteith Construction Services, and Okanagan Solar Homes, got involved in Nicaragua in 2006 through a friend, a medical doctor who was helping to get an orphanage built, to support victims of hurricane Mitch. A container of construction materials was donated and it was an adventure dealing with customs at the Port of Corinto. Since the first trip, Rob has returned numerous times every year and has been involved in helping to build schools, churches, commercial structures, homes and energy systems.

In 2008 five Nicaraguan men spent two years in Canada under the foreign worker program, where they worked in construction.These same men now form the nucleus of NicaraguaRelocation.Com, and are involved personally in making the experience a positive one for our clients.

Our Relocation Tour Company

Monteith Construction has established an affiliated business, NicaraguaRelocation.com, which offers tours around Nicaragua to Americans and Canadians who are considering retiring in Nicaragua to enjoy the low cost of living yet exceptionaly wonderful lifestyle.

Once a person has decided to move to Nicaragua, they are encouraged to either buy an existing home or build a new home. If they wish to build a new home, Monteith Construction Services will be happy to help them every step of the way. Nicaragua encourages such relocations and offer many incentives to foreigners to do so. Click here to check out the laws governing retirees.

Rob Monteith

Rob Monteith owns Monteith Construction Ltd and Okanagan Solar Homes Ltd, and is a career construction professional from British Columbia, Canada. During his career to date, Rob has built thousands of homes, apartments, condos, commercial buildings, infrastructure, and energy related projects. In 2011, a branch office of the Canadian corporation was registered in Nicaragua.

Raphael Acosta

Raphael, Rafe as we call him, was born in Houston, Texas, and has lived in Nicaragua for 20 years. Rafe spent 2 years working in Canada and is completely Spanish/English bilingual. He has a degree in business administration and is a certified "Spanish as a second language" instructor. He knows Nicaragua extremely well and looks forward to escorting our groups around the country.

Oswaldo Ayala

Oswaldo Ayala lived in Miami for 9 years when he was young and returned to Nicaragua where he started his career as a Systems Engineer. He spent two years working in Canada with Rob in the construction field, returning in 2010. Oswaldo spends his time with his wife and family and a non-profit organization helping rural communities when he isn't working with NicaraguaRelocation.com.

Custom Tours

Thinking of retiring to a warm climate where the cost of living is low but the style of living is high? Join us on one of our custom-designed Nicaragua tours and find out more about beautiful Nicaragua!

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Buy or Build
a Home

Once you have decided to live in Nicaragua, we will help you with the next steps. Whether you want to buy an existing home or build a new one, we can guide you in the right direction!

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Nicaragua is a wonderful country, but there are a lot of people who could really use your help. There are so many worthwhile projects - from schools, to orphanages, to town water projects...

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